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Fuck it dude, lets go bowling

Posted in Uncategorized on April 8, 2008 by trm382

Last night I decided that bowling is the most relaxing and wonderful pass time on the planet. You can drink, smoke, talk, goof off, yet your still trying as hard as you can to be the best one there, theres still a competition going on, but no one gets upset in bowling (at least outside of the leagues). I used to bowl for both my grade school and high school teams, and although I don’t get out as much as I used to (and Im definitely not as good as I used to be) I still feel a close bond with the “sport” of bowling. Some of the best movies are centered around bowling (at least two anyway) and its also always been a family pass time, as my dad loves it too. So I say hooray for bowling, every Monday night in Mount Larell or Cherry Hill, or somewhere around there, they have 3 dollar cover charges and dollar games all night. Looks like I know where Ill be every Monday night!


Martys always finding cool information:

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One or Two Things!

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So I’m trying to follow CNN and the primary nightmare that might as well be called “the end of the democratic party” and I can’t help but wonder when CNN became another fox news station. I mean seriously, they report shit, its just shit all day. Its so polarizing and just awful, all day long. You would think they would lose viewers and readers with this horrible crap, but this stupid fucking country just eats it up. Anyways, Im going off point, the only point I wanted to make was this:


its like they just want them to look as awful as possible


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