About Me

I am a Drexel University student majoring in Information Systems with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction. I am also working on a minor in business and I am currently applying to have a minor in Human Factors/Cognitive Engineering. I am currently employed on my third co-op at Digitas Health in center city Philadelphia as an Associate Information Architect (and I really dig that fancy title). I love working on interaction design projects, especially when performing user tests in a one on one environment, like cognitive walk-throughs and/or group discussions/evaluations. I consider myself to be an artist (maybe a bad and/or struggling one, but one none the less) because I love to create and design, and thats what my job is! I play around in photoshop every chance I get, and love learning new things.

I am super obsessed with music and movies. Ive played the alto sax and the guitar, and I have dabbled with filming (using a hand held camcorder). I have an immense library of all genres of movies and music, and I hate to discriminate. Ill listen to and watch anything. From Sinatra to NWA, from Big Lebowski to Life is Beautiful (interesting examples), I try not to adhere to any specific labels.

And Im awesome.

Me at Shawmont


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